20 Healthy Holiday Party Recipes

“It is not the quantity of the meat but the cheerfulness of the guests, which makes a feast” – Edward Hyde

As we roll into the holiday season, we prepare for the festive parties and events. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years – all reasons to enjoy your friends and family, but not reasons to ditch that bikini season diet.

If you’re a party host, there’s always pressure. Make sure the venue is tidy and can accommodate the volume of guests. Make sure there’s enough food to account for the entire guest list. Make sure dietary restrictions are met and stomachs are full. And of course, make sure everyone leaves happy and vies over your talents to pull off a successful soirée.

I can’t tell you how to entertain your guests, but I can tell you that good food does make people happy. So I’ve put together some heart-healthy recipes that are bound to be party hits and leave your guests wanting these recipes for their next event.



Spinach dip – a party staple

Stuffed jalapeño – for those who like a little kick

Vegetarian spring rolls with spicy peanut sauce – an Asian flair

Meatball sliders – for the meat lovers

Ginger scallion salmon cakes – a taste of the sea

Vegetables and sides: 

Gingerbread Cookies
Gingerbread is a holiday classic! Fun for the entire family – shape them and decorate them however you like.

Sweet and crunchy quinoa salad – sweet and savory

Quinoa herb stuffing – traditional with a twist

Cinnamon-glazed carrots – a healthy indulgence

Coconut basmati rice – a sweet Indian flair

Tuscan beans with tomato – transport to Italy

Main dishes:

Salmon with mango-peach salsa – light and refreshing

Slow cooker pork – for those southern folks

Citrus roasted chicken – a little lemon zest

Asian salad with tofu – for the vegetarians

Turkey chili verde – a hearty, cold weather favorite

Chicken cacciatore with spaghetti – for the Italian lovers


Chocolate oatmeal cookies – a new guilty pleasure

Pumpkin cheesecake swirl – a fall favorite

Red wine poached pears – for the wine lovers

Fudge brownies – ooey gooey goodness

Gingerbread cookie – a holiday staple


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Do you have a party favorite or family recipe you pull out every year? Let us know – leave a comment below!

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