Healthy Holiday Eating: Tips and Recipes

healthy holiday eating
Some traditional holiday foods are naturally healthy, while others are loaded with excess fat or sugar.

Dad’s eggnog. Mom’s fudge. My family loves to entertain with food during the holidays, and it’s the sweets that do me in.

We all know it’s hard to eat balanced meals and maintain your weight during the holidays. Maybe you’re even trying to lose a few pounds.

Healthy Recipes

Looking for an alternative to traditional appetizers and side dishes loaded with cream and butter? Try these:

Check out our healthy recipe library for more.

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

In this week’s podcast, clinical dietitian Katherine Basbaum discusses:

  • Foods that may sound heart-healthy, such as artichoke dip, that really aren’t
  • Healthier alternatives to holiday classics
  • Strategies for indulging in moderation at parties and family events

Listen to the podcast:

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