Recipe Review: Quick Strawberry Sorbet

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Quick Strawberry Sorbet

With the recent stretch of high temperatures and humidity, I decided to try out a recipe that would be quick, easy and refreshing.

The recipe lived up to its name and was extremely quick and easy to make. I divided the ingredients in half and made two separate batches of the sorbet.

Making Strawberry Sorbet with Almond Milk

For the first batch, I followed the recipe exactly as instructed. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out. The texture was nice and smooth, exactly as sorbet should be. The only criticism that my wife had was that she could tell that it was made with store-bought frozen strawberries. We both agreed that it would probably be even better if you bought fresh strawberries and froze them to use.

With the second round, we made a very slight change. Instead of using the unsweetened almond milk, we used regular almond milk and skipped adding the granulated sugar. I could tell a slight difference in the taste, and my wife was convinced that it was better than the first. The chocolate chips also added a nice level of additional sweetness.

The Verdict

Overall, this recipe was super simple and only took a few minutes to make. If you’re looking for a cool treat on a hot day that’s also healthier than ice cream or regular sorbet, this recipe should do the trick. We’ll probably make it again soon but use fresh strawberries instead to improve the flavor.

Rating: 3.5/5

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