Infographic: What Color is Your Pee?

Staying hydrated is important all year round, but when temps start to soar and you sweat, you may need to drink even more water than usual. Here’s how to gauge if you may be dehydrated and need to up your intake of water or electrolyte-containing beverages.

infographic: what color is your pee

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  1. Nan Cagle says:

    very good info– I would like some posters of “what color is your PEE” for our clinic–UROLOGY

  2. Dorothy (Dottie) Gardner says:

    I am on your EMail list & Often pass info along = Thank You, Folks

  3. Ronda Scriven says:

    Are the posters available for purchase? These are terrific for use in our public school restrooms…

  4. Zella says:

    I love this infographic! I would love a print out!

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