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Infographic: Top Toy Safety Tips

Before you head to the store to stock up on toys for all the kids on your list, check out the 6 toy safety tips below. During the happiest time of the year, as well as all year long, it’s important to make sure the gifts you buy will keep kids entertained without putting them in potential danger.

toy safety infographic

Infographic text: 6 Top Toy Safety Tips

Before you head to the store to stock up on toys for all the kids on your list, check out these 6 toy safety tips for kids.

  1. Choose age-appropriate gifts. Take into account your child’s interested, abilities and maturity level. Also consider other kids and pets in your home.
  2. Think big. For children under age 3, avoid toys with small, removable parts. If it can fit in a paper towel roll, it’s too small.
  3. Avoid magnets. Building and playsets with magnets are very dangerous to small children. Not only are the small pieces a choking hazard, but they can cause serious damage to internal organs.
  4. Skip projectiles. Toys that shoot objects can cause eye and bodily injuries. If your child is old enough, make sure they understand safety rules when playing.
  5. Don’t forget the helmet. When buying bikes, scooters, skateboards and skates, also get a helmet. Choose the proper size and ensure they are worn properly.
  6. Purchase quality-made toys. Sturdy toys are less likely to break or have sharp edges, which can cause injury. Look for toys that are non-toxic and have an ASTM tag.

After unwrapping gifts, immediately dispose of trash. Plastic bags, twist ties, strings and ribbons are dangerous for young children and pets.

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