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Infographic: 7 Awesome Reasons to Walk Your Dog

There are many benefits to owning a dog. One is that your trusted friend may be the reason you get up and move more. When you walk your dog, you’re both improving your health with the daily exercise needed.

“Go for a walk?” This simple question gets any dog excited and ready. All I have to do is touch my dog’s leash and he’s waiting at the door, tail wagging.  Here are seven great reasons to go for a walk with your dog.

facts why walking your dog can benefit your health (and your puppy's)

Infographic text: 7 Awesome Reasons to Walk Your Dog

Need some motivation to move more? Forget a workout buddy. Get a dog.

  • Dog owners are 34 percent more likely to get the exercise they need.
  • 60 percent of dog owners who regularly walk their dogs get at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week compared to only a third of people without dogs.
  • People who walk their dogs are typically more physically active in other ways like biking, swimming or surfing.
  • You may walk 28 percent faster with a dog than alone but only 4 percent faster if you walk with another person.
  • Dogs are the perfect walking buddies and don’t come up with excuses to skip a workout.
  • In addition to moving more, dog walkers tend to have lower risks for obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and other medical conditions.
  • Walking is good for your dog, too. Almost 53 percent of dogs in the U.S. are overweight.

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