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Hit The Pavement! 5 Running Tips For Beginners

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Start running to feeling better and lower your risks of serious health conditions.

Running is a great way to get the exercise you need and relieve stress. You can run almost anywhere and with minimal equipment. Follow these running tips for beginners to learn how to stay motivated and injury-free.

Grab Your Sneakers, Let’s Go! 5 Tips

1. Be realistic about your starting point.

It’s important to take into account your current fitness level and other factors that may impact how often, how far or how fast you run.

2. Build speed or distance slowly.

Increase your speed, time or distance gradually, so you don’t get injured by doing too much too soon. Aside from risking potential injury, you may burn out too quickly if you try to do more than you’re ready to handle.

3. Switch things up.

You may be so excited to start running that you want to head out with the same goal day after day – to run as far as your body can go. But don’t. Your body needs a rest from this activity so sprinkle in some days of cross-training or rest.

Aches and Pains?

Have you been running through the pain? Physical therapy can help strengthen your body and prevent future injuries. Schedule an appointment with our physical medicine and rehabilitation providers.

4. Let your body be your guide.

Sore muscles are common when you run. If the soreness lessens as your muscles warm up, you can keep going. But if the pain increases, it’s a signal that you need to take a break.

5. Don’t give up.

If you’ve never run before, it may take time before you feel comfortable running for more than a few minutes. Even if it takes longer than you expect to get to where you want to be, you’ll soon be running more than you ever thought possible if you follow a reasonable plan.

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