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Is Your Family Ready for a New School Year? 4 Tips to Get You Prepared

kids standing in line ready for new school year
Starting a new school year is exciting, so use the motivation to prepare for the daily routine change.

As you enjoy the end of summer, it’s also time to start thinking about the new school year. Continue savoring your last lazy days of fun and relaxation, but don’t forget to start getting everyone ready for early mornings and days full of learning.

Back To School

Don’t wait until the night before school begins to set new bedtimes. Also, make sure everyone has what they need to get on the bus in the morning. Starting the transition to school-mode now can get everyone looking forward to the changes to come and may help reduce stress.

Here are some tips for making the transition to back-to-school mode easier.

Slowly Change Daily Routines

You can’t expect everyone to instantly be able to go to bed and wake up early when school begins after an unstructured summer schedule. Start modifying sleep schedules a couple of weeks before the start of school, moving bedtimes and wake-times up by about 10-15 minutes a day.

Shop for School Supplies

Most schools send home a list of supplies kids will need in school, so you can buy items in advance. This will help get kids excited for a new school year and will make shopping less stressful. If your kids need supplies or equipment for other fall activities, now is a good time to shop for those, too. Make shopping a family affair. Involving your kids helps them invest in the preparation process.

Connect with Classmates

If your children haven’t seen much of their school friends this summer, start scheduling some get-togethers now. This will help get kids excited to head back to school and see their friends. You can also plan a back-to-school party for a few of your kids’ friends, so they can all look forward to being together again.

School-Required Vaccines

Does your child need a vaccine before starting the new school year? Schedule an appointment with our pediatricians.

Plan After-School Activities

The beginning of the school year is not just about what goes on during the school day. There are also new activities, sports and after-school programs to plan for. Talk to kids about what activities they want to do, figure out what fits in everyone’s schedule and then sign up before slots are filled. Also, make sure you have all supplies or equipment they need to participate.

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