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5 Good Reasons to Take the Stairs And Added Health Benefits

woman taking the stairs
Take the extra steps and take the stairs for the added health benefits. It strengthens muscles and burns more calories than jogging.

One great way to add extra steps to your day and improve your fitness level is to take the stairs. Do this when possible instead of taking an elevator or escalator. Available stair-climbing is a great way to fit in a few minutes of activity during the workday or at home and reap the health benefits.

Step By Step

Adding even small amounts of extra activity to your day can add up to big fitness rewards. Here are 5 good reasons to take the stairs:

1. Stair climbing is good for your heart

Taking the stairs gets your heart pumping. This can help protect you against high blood pressure and may lower the risk of weight gain, diabetes and conditions that increase heart disease risk. One study showed that 7 minutes of daily stair climbing cut heart attack risk in half over 10 years.

2. It improves muscle strength, bone density and joint flexibility

When you take the stairs, you use muscles in your legs, abs, back and arms. And since it requires movement in joints like your hips and knees, it helps increase flexibility. A weight-bearing activity, it can also strengthen your bones. This is especially important for women, who are more prone to osteoporosis.

3. Burns more calories than jogging

You can burn 5-11 calories a minute climbing stairs. This may not seem like much, but it adds up to some major calorie burning over time, which can help you lose or maintain weight. You use about 7 times more energy than taking the elevator.

Prevent Osteoporosis

Most people with osteoporosis don’t notice it until a bone fracture. You can prevent this condition, so schedule an appointment with our endocrinology team to discuss available options.

4. It’s a great stress reliever

Having a tough day at work? Release some of your stress by strutting up or down the stairs. It’ll give you a chance to air out, and the physical activity will help you relax. You may also find the activity makes you more energized and alert.

5. And it’s convenient

You’ll find stairs in many places – at home, at work and at the mall, to name a few. So you can get in a few minutes of stair climbing wherever you are. There’s no reason to join a gym, buy special equipment or even change your clothes. Just find the nearest set of stairs, and off you go!

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