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Don’t Postpone Medical Care Any Longer: 5 Appointments You Should Reschedule

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Don’t postpone medical care. If you’re uncomfortable seeing your provider in person, a virtual visit may be an option.

As stay-at-home orders begin to ease, you should be thinking about more than whether you’re ready to go to your local restaurant or engage in social activities. Now is the time to also focus on your health and reschedule medical care that you had to cancel or postpone.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, medical professionals are concerned that people are skipping important medical care. That can cause health issues, especially if you already have a chronic condition.

We’ve ramped up our inpatient and outpatient care while implementing measures to keep you safe. But if you don’t feel comfortable going to a provider’s office, you may be able to get virtual care. This convenient option allows you to visit with your provider through the phone or video chat. You can:

  • Provide information about your health
  • Share concerns
  • Ask questions
  • Get prescriptions

Add These Appointments to Your To-Do List

Here are some types of medical care to reschedule now.

Preventive Appointments

You may think your annual physical doesn’t really need to happen, but routine preventative exams are one of the best ways to keep you healthy. They allow you and your doctor to pick up on medical issues early, before they become more serious, and to monitor the status of ongoing conditions.

Follow-Up Care

If you had an appointment, screening or procedure and were supposed to return for a follow-up visit, don’t delay it any longer. Just like preventive appointments, follow-up care is critical in keeping you healthier and detecting worsening health issues as early as possible.

Elective Procedures

If the pandemic threw a wrench into your plans for a non-emergency procedure or surgery, it’s a good time to reschedule it. The longer you wait, the more serious any underlying condition may get that caused you to plan the procedure in the first place.

Reschedule Your Appointment

Call your doctor’s office or request an appointment.


People need health screenings at varying intervals, depending on factors such as age, gender, health status and family history. If it’s time for you to have a screening, like a mammogram, colonoscopy or prostate exam, don’t delay. If your doctor has been monitoring your blood pressure, blood glucose or other health indicators, it’s time to also take care of that.


It’s important to keep children vaccinated according to recommended vaccine schedules. There are also vaccines for adults that you shouldn’t ignore or delay.

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