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7 Tricks to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

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Coming up with fitness goals is easy. You’re excited, motivated, and eager to customize a plan to fit your interests, fitness level, and time constraints. But sticking to that plan for the long term is different than making a plan – and it can be a challenge. If you're committing to exercise more this year, here’s how to stay motivated to do so.

You Can Do It!

While the first few days of working out can be energizing and fueled by motivation, that initial excitement tends to wane as time goes on. That makes it harder to stick to a plan long enough to reach your fitness goals.

If you often fall off the fitness bandwagon, know that you're not alone. Data suggests only 19% of people who make resolutions like committing to a fitness plan stick with them for two years or more.

But just because the odds are stacked against you doesn’t mean you can’t beat them. Here are seven tips to keep you motivated enough to make fitness a long-term commitment:

No All-or-Nothing Attitude

You may have an idea of how you think your fitness journey will go. But life gets in the way, and not everything goes according to plan. Remember that if you skip one yoga session or miss a week of workouts, you don’t need to throw in the towel. Fitness should be a long-term commitment, and a few off days won’t make or break the end game.

Focus on Small Wins

Meeting goals can be very motivating, but goals aren’t reached overnight. It can get frustrating when they take longer to achieve. So instead of only focusing on big-picture goals, break your journey into smaller milestones. Each small win should be celebrated and will motivate you to keep moving forward to your fitness goal.

You Can Do Anything For 5 Minutes

If you find your motivation waning, commit to moving for just 5 minutes. After all, you can do just about anything for that short amount of time. Set a timer if you must. If you need to stop after 5 minutes, know that you still did something good for yourself. But you’ll likely find that once you start, you’re willing to keep going.

Remember Your Why

One helpful way to stay motivated is to remind yourself of why you want to get fit. Do you want to be a healthier parent? Lose weight? Avoid a potentially chronic health condition? Participate in a fitness event or beat a personal record? Whatever the reasons may be that got you started on your fitness journey, thinking of them when you don’t feel like working out can get you moving again.

Need Help With Your Fitness Plan?

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Find a Workout Buddy

Being accountable to someone other than yourself can keep you from skipping your exercise session when you’re not feeling it. Find someone else who has similar fitness goals and commit to helping each other move forward together.

Pay For Your Workouts

Why would paying for something make you more likely to stick with it? Because if you don’t show up, you’re not just cheating yourself out of the benefits you would’ve gotten by exercising, but you’re also wasting your money. So whether you enlist a personal trainer, sign up for a group fitness class, or buy new workout equipment, paying to workout makes you more committed to sticking with it.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

You may feel like there’s always someone stronger, faster, or more flexible than you are. But remember that everyone had to start somewhere and work up to where they are today. Also, keep in mind that what others can do has no bearing on you personally – the only thing that matters is what you can do. Focus on your successes and goals, and you’ll stay more committed to your fitness journey.

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