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Infographic: How to Add More Protein to Your Diet

text: how to add more protein to your diet

Protein is an essential component of any healthy diet. Your body needs this nutrient to build and repair cells, maintain and build lean muscle mass, and produce energy.

Why Protein is Good For You

Sometimes it's challenging to eat enough because of health issues or low appetite. Other times, your body may require more than usual, such as when you're working out at more intense levels. Protein is good for you because it:

No matter the reason for needing to add more of this nutrient to your diet, this infographic provides seven easy ways to do so.

infographic about how to add more protein to your diet

Infographic Text: How to Add More Protein to Your Diet

Your body needs protein to carry out a number of important functions— to build muscle, repair tissue, and regulate cells.

If you find it difficult to eat enough protein on a daily basis, here are 7 simple ways you can add more protein to your diet:

A Well-Balanced Diet

If you're struggling to eat well, talk with one of our nutritional counselors.

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