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3 Bodily Fluids That Can Tell You a Lot About Your Health

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Talking about bodily fluids can be gross. True, mucus and sweat may not be the best dinner conversation. But it’s important not to hold back when you’re talking with your doctor. Share any changes in these bodily fluids because even subtle signs may mean there’s something going on with your health that needs to be addressed.

1. Mucus

Believe it or not, we produce and swallow about 2 cups of nasal mucus every day. This bodily fluid serves an important purpose. It’s used as a barrier to infection, trapping foreign particles so they don’t enter the body and infect your lungs.

The color of your mucus may indicate potential health problems.

Pay attention to sudden changes in your mucus and how you’re feeling otherwise when those changes happen. See a doctor if you have any concerning symptoms or don’t get better after a few days.

2. Urine

Clear or pale yellow urine is a good indicator that you are generally healthy and well-hydrated. But if you notice other colors, it may mean something isn’t quite right.

The smell of some bodily fluids like urine can also indicate a health issue. Urine typically should not have much of an odor. If you smell something strong or sweet, it could be a sign of a urinary tract or bladder infection, diabetes or other metabolic diseases. Some foods and medications (like asparagus!) can affect the color and smell of urine. But if it’s happening on a regular basis and you don’t know why, mention it to your doctor.

What's Your Body Telling You?

Talk to a doctor about any changes in your health no matter how subtle.

3. Sweat

Sweat is one of those bodily fluids we take for granted. Our bodies produce two types of sweat: a light, watery sweat when we’re exercising and a thick, fatty sweat when we’re stressed. While some sweat is natural and helps to cool you off, there are certain instances when sweating (or not sweating) can indicate a problem.

A sudden outbreak of heavy sweating may also indicate a serious health issue, such as a heart attack. If this happens, especially with other symptoms, seek medical treatment right away.

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