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Could You Have Early Signs of Parkinson’s Disease?

Tremor is one of the early signs of Parkinson's disease

Parkinson's is a serious condition that affects the nervous system. It's progressive, which means it comes on slowly and gets worse over time. There is no cure.

But treatment can slow it down so you have more time before symptoms get worse. The earlier you find out you have Parkinson's and start treatment, the more you can slow down symptoms. That's why it's important to know the early signs of Parkinson's disease.

What Are Early Signs of Parkinson's Disease?

Early signs of Parkinson's disease usually start on 1 side of the body. Symptoms are usually worse on that side even after the disease affects both sides of the body. Early symptoms may be mild at first and might not all appear at once.


This can start as a slight shaking in your hands or fingers. They might not shake as much while you're using your hands and fingers.


Your arms, legs, or body feels stiff. You could shuffle your feet or walk slowly.

Posture & Balance Changes

This can be stooping over, slouching, or leaning forward or to one side when you stand.

Handwriting Changes

Your words are smaller and more crowded together.

Speech Changes

When you talk, your voice sounds quieter, hoarse, or monotone. Or you slur your words.

Fewer Unconscious Movements

You stop doing things like swing your arms — things you'd do without thinking — as much.

Facial Expressions

Even if it's not how you feel, your facial expression looks serious, mad, or sad.

Have Tremors From Parkinson's?

UVA Health pioneered focused ultrasound, a treatment that helps with a tremor from Parkinson's.


You feel dizzy or even faint when you change positions, like getting out of bed.

Sleep Difficulties

You toss and turn more. Or make sudden movements while you sleep.

Loss of Smell

It becomes more difficult to smell things.


It's harder to have a bowel movement.

While these early signs of Parkinson's disease could end up being something else, it's a good idea to talk about them with your doctor.

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