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Questioning the Bias of Courtroom Experts
News & Events 4/1/2013

The weight that a judge or jury gives the testimony of psychological experts during a trial hinges on those experts’ impartiality. But new research from UVA’s School of Medicine and Sam Houston State University suggests that some experts are actually biased toward the side that hired them — perhaps without…

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Simulating the Driving Experience video post
General Health, Videos 3/29/2013

Behind-the-wheel driving tests can be an important prerequisite for getting or renewing a driver’s license. These tests are notoriously subjective. The weather and traffic volumes, for instance, can affect the outcomes. A rainy day in bumper-to-bumper traffic can test one’s driving skill in ways different than a sunny morning with…

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UVA Doctors Question Milk Fat’s Role in Childhood Weight Gain
Kids, News & Events 3/20/2013

Preventing Child Obesity: What Milk Should Children Drink? Children who drink low-fat milk will gain less weight than those drinking whole milk, right? Maybe not. New research from UVA's School of Medicine suggests that preschoolers who drink low-fat  (skim or 1 percent) milk are more likely to be overweight than…

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UVA Researchers Slash Recovery Time for Cancer Surgery
News & Events 2/13/2013

A new approach to cancer care at UVA is helping patients heal faster. A typical hospital stay after a Whipple procedure to treat pancreatic cancer is as long as two weeks, but the new approach at UVA is often cutting that time in half. This allows patients to begin potentially life-saving chemotherapy…

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Diabetes: Managed Without Medication?
News & Events 1/24/2013

A just-launched study at the UVA School of Medicine is investigating whether patients newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes can safely manage their condition without medication. The study, which is led by UVA researcher Daniel Cox, PhD, involves a large education component and aims to provide participants with the tools…

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In Their Own Homes: New Program Provides Nursing Home Alternative
News & Events 1/19/2013

Central Virginia seniors will soon have another option for medical care, companionship and independent living. This week UVA, in partnership with the Jefferson Area Board for Aging and Riverside Health System, broke ground on the Blue Ridge Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, or PACE. The PACE Center in…

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Insomnia? Get Some SHUTi
Patient Stories 1/18/2013

Like so many of us, Milisa Galazzi was having trouble sleeping. A busy artist, mother of teenage sons and manager of her family’s day camp, Galazzi assumed that lying awake for part of the night just came with the territory of keeping track of so many responsibilities. It took an…

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A Night at the Sleep Center: Video video post
Prevention, Videos 1/11/2013

Your wake up in the morning feeling like you haven’t slept at all. Your partner complains about your loud, almost violent snoring. You have trouble getting to sleep, and when you do, you often wake up many times during the night. These sorts of sleep issues are very common, but…

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