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New Life with Stem Cell Transplants
News & Events 11/5/2012

Mary Laughlin, MD, first became interested in using stem cells to treat diseases when she was in medical school in the 1980s. A few decades and countless hours of research and trial work later, that idea is healing hundreds of people at UVA. And, according to Laughlin, just getting started…

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Better Lives For the Very Sick
Prevention 10/23/2012

Doctors at UVA think some relatively commonsense changes can help very sick patients lead longer, happier lives. Although the pilot program, called CARE Track (Comprehensive Assessment with Rapid Evaluation and Treatment), involves the use of new technologies and an online dashboard for patients and doctors, at its core the program…

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A Vision for Better Eye Care
Prevention 9/5/2012

There’s no better way to ensure a lifetime of good vision than by getting regular preventive care for your eyes. UVA is still the place to come for high-risk corneal transplants, eye tumor care and all manner of ocular surgery, but UVA ophthalmologists want you to think of them for…

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‘Stealth Health’ at the Men’s Four Miler
News & Events 6/5/2012

Tim Gable was out of shape. The active and healthy lifestyle of his youth had given way to a desk job and much more sedentary existence, in general. He moved less. He gained weight. Running even short distances took serious effort. Unlike so many of his peers, however, Gable decided…

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