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Jen Mediano (Page 3)

Jen was a lead online content strategist at UVA Health System between 2016 and 2018. She is a graduate of Emory University and a digital agency veteran.

Posts by Jen Mediano

Child at recess
Exercise and Recess in Schools: Why it’s Essential
Kids 11/30/2016

An interview with Susan Cluett, UVA Children’s Fitness Clinic program director, about the importance of recess and exercise during the school day and what happens when school-aged kids don’t get enough exercise.

Postpartum woman
Postpartum: What Nobody Tells You
General Health 8/11/2016

Mood swings, body changes and sleepless nights are as much a part of the postpartum experience as they are pregnancy. From baby blues to body image issues, Carrie Sopata, MD, talks about the changes your body and mind go through in the months after having a baby.

Filiano Kipnis immunity research
Research Roundup: Breakthroughs and FDA Approval, July 2016
News & Events 8/3/2016

A shocking finding on the immune system, FDA approval of an important minimally invasive treatment for essential tremor, a cancer molecule that might aid in fighting pneumonia, and a federal grant to fight the opioid epidemic: July was an important month for UVA Health System.

A woman crouching and holding her leg by her knee.
Too Young for A Knee Replacement?

Mark Miller, MD, discusses alternatives to knee replacements, including arthroscopy, steroid injections and high tibial osteotomy for people in their late 30s to late 50s who are living with pain, arthritis, and damaged knees.

UVA Couric Center, cancer research
Research Roundup: January 2016
News & Events 2/3/2016

Record-breaking winter storm Jonas may have dominated the news last month, but in case you missed them, these medical research stories made headlines of their own.

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