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New Guidelines for Patients Considering Weight Loss Surgery
News & Events 6/7/2011

Peter T. Hallowell, MD, a surgeon and the director of the bariatric program at UVA, contributed this post. Obesity has become an epidemic in America. More than a third of Americans are obese, meaning their weight could be hurting their health. Obesity increases the risk for chronic health conditions, including:…

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A Mid-Flight Rescue by a UVA Nurse
People of UVA 6/6/2011

[caption id="attachment_555" align="alignright" width="266"] Jacque Griffin, RN[/caption] A 51-year-old man boards a plane with his wife for a well-deserved vacation. One hour later, his wife is yelling for a doctor. Miraculously, a trained nurse comes to the rescue and resuscitates the man to the cheers of passengers. Sounds perfect for…

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Caring for Our Patients: It’s the Little Things
Kids 6/2/2011

[caption id="attachment_675" align="alignright" width="300"] Chief Nursing Officer Lorna Facteau, RN, presents Fritz Angle, MD, and Debbie Romano, RN, with balloons for their efforts in caring for a young patient.[/caption] Sometimes it’s the little things that can mean so much: a warm smile, taking a few extra seconds, holding a door.…

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Caring for Moms and Newborns
Kids 5/26/2011

At UVA, we’re providing mother-baby-centered care to our moms and our littlest patients. With this approach, one nurse provides care for both the mother and baby (instead of the traditional approach where one nurse cares for mom and another nurse cares for baby). Studies show there are benefits to this…

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Mammogram Advice for Your 30s, 40s and Beyond
Prevention 5/23/2011

Breast care got really confusing a while back when recommendations were released for mammography screenings. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) — a group of health experts — recommended that women start mammograms at age 50, instead of 40. Different groups, like the American Cancer Society, all weighed in…

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News & Events 5/20/2011

Welcome to UVA Health System’s blog. This blog is a place to share stories about our patients, our staff, our services and more. We’ll also share timely health tips for families and kids. And we’ll let you know about the lifesaving treatments we’re pioneering at UVA and the ways our…

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