Julie Benner

Julie joined the UVA Health System in April 2014 as the online content strategist for UVA Cancer Center. She is responsible for managing the new Cancer Center website and implementing a Cancer-Center-specific social media presence. With extensive marketing, writing, graphic design and website design experience, Julie is excited to be working in the field of health care, specifically within the area of cancer communications. Outside of work, she is usually with her dog, Gunner, taking pictures, traveling or spending time with friends and family.

Posts by Julie Benner

UVA Cancer Center, Abuzz with Weddings

In the final days of September, which was Blood Cancer Awareness Month, not one, but two leukemia patients decided to tie the knot with their fiancés at UVA Medical Center. Although under very different circumstances, the timing of the two weddings is remarkable.

“This was a very exciting week for…

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Sun Safety: 8 Myths About Skin Cancer Debunked

With UVA dermatologist Mark Russell, MD

Mark Russell, MD
UVA Dermatologist

Myth #1: Skin cancer only affects people with light or fair skin.
Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S. Although more common in those with a fair complexion, it does not discriminate against skin color, race, age…

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Pioneering a World Without Cancer

Cancer touches all of us. Despite our greatest scientific achievements, far too many lives are cut short by this disease. But there is reason to hope. For the first time, we’re unlocking mysteries of how cancer develops, grows and spreads at the molecular and cellular levels — insights unknown even five…

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The History of Cancer: A Timeline

Throughout its 4,000-year history, cancer has left doctors, scientists and patients with questions that the medical and science fields could not even start to address until recent decades. For centuries, the question has lingered: Will there be a time when we find a way to control or even cure…

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