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Get the latest health news from UVA hospital. Learn about current events, clinical trials, medical research taking place here in Charlottesville.

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Pioneering a World Without Cancer
News & Events 3/27/2015

Cancer touches all of us. Despite our greatest scientific achievements, far too many lives are cut short by this disease. But there is reason to hope. For the first time, we’re unlocking mysteries of how cancer develops, grows and spreads at the molecular and cellular levels — insights unknown even five years…

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Vote! Help Us Pick a New Name
News & Events 3/5/2015

Voting has ended, but stay tuned for the new name!  We're preparing to launch a brand new version of the UVA Health System Blog, and we need your help! The blog will be completely redesigned and feature a new name.

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Celebrating Heart Month: February 2015 Roundup
News & Events 3/4/2015

February is National Heart Month, and we kicked it off with a post featuring Lawrence Gimple, MD, talking about heart attacks in men from prevention to recovery. [caption id="attachment_9497" align="alignright" width="300"] Despite having neurosurgery in early November, Heather was miraculously on target to successfully complete her fall semester before the…

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Babies, The Heimlich and Celiac Disease: January 2015 Roundup [VIDEO]
News & Events, Videos 2/6/2015

[caption id="attachment_9108" align="alignright" width="200"] Have celiac disease? Lentils are gluten-free and add texture and protein to your meals.[/caption] These three things don’t sound related, but we wrote about all of them in January 2015, and then some. For celiac disease sufferers, avoiding gluten is essential. One writer shared her personal…

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Healthy Holiday Tips and More: December Roundup [VIDEO]
News & Events, Videos 1/2/2015

In December the blog featured posts about the holiday season with healthy tips, recipes and more. We hope you had a wonderful holiday season, and we wish you a very happy and healthy 2015! The annual Lights of Love celebration kicked off the holiday season at UVA Children's Hospital. The…

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Our Top 10 Posts of 2014
News & Events 12/31/2014

[caption id="attachment_9362" align="alignright" width="200"] In 2014, we met Wanda West and her 14-year-old son Spencer, who has cerebral palsy.[/caption] It’s impossible to fit this year’s top 10 blog posts into any one category, but one thing is clear: Our readers love our doctors, nurses, students and others who make up…

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Snakes, Spiders and Health Myths: November Roundup
News & Events 12/5/2014

November was a month of myth-busting and uncovering the truth: [caption id="attachment_9067" align="alignright" width="350"] Which one is the brown recluse?[/caption] Did you really see — or get bitten by — a brown recluse spider in Virginia? We talked to the Blue Ridge Poison Center about venomous spiders and treating bites.…

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Virginia Film Festival: A Menu of Healthy Movies
News & Events 11/5/2014

As always, this year’s Virginia Film Festival, which runs November 6-9, offers a slew of movies from the edgy and new to the historical and classic, covering a diverse range of topics and interests. [caption id="attachment_9041" align="alignright" width="350"] Alive Inside reveals what happens when patients with dementia and Alzheimer's disease…

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