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Spiders: Fact vs. Fiction

There’s a lot of hype out there about spiders.

This summer, I had a bunch of quarter-sized creepy crawly things with eight legs and white marks on their backs scurrying around my house. I just assumed they…

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Incontinence: The Common Problem You’re Not Talking About

Elisa Trowbridge, MD, who works with patients with pelvic floor disorders, contributed this post.

It’s an extremely common medical problem that most people don’t discuss in polite company: urine leakage.

This embarrassing problem affects 40 percent of women in the United States in one of the following forms:

Stress incontinence, or leaking…

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Stroke Prevention: Resources and Advice

More than 6 million Americans have survived a stroke. What can you do to avoid becoming a stroke victim?

You can start by doing many of the things that also help prevent heart disease:

Eat a healthy diet
Don’t smoke
Get exercise
Manage your blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes
Take your medications
Work with your doctor


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Poisonous Snakes: Just Leave Them Alone

Poisonous snakes. Mention those words, and a lot of people freak out. When I told my co-workers I wanted to write about snakebites, one flinched and shrieked, “Ew, snakes!” Another refused to look at the…