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Healthy living: Find tips on healthy recipes, weight loss, fitness. Learn easy things you can do for disease prevention, overall wellness, staying healthy.

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Are Multivitamins Necessary? And Other Frequently Asked Questions
Prevention 4/26/2012

“I don’t take vitamins — isn’t it better just to get your nutrients from food?” My attempt to justify why I don’t pop a multivitamin every day is what started this whole series. My co-workers’ reactions were immediate and hysterical, as if they were shocked I hadn’t collapsed from rickets…

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The ABCs (and Ds and Ks) of Vitamins
Nutrition, Prevention 4/25/2012

In my 20s, I kept a bottle of multivitamins in my kitchen cabinet. Every so often, I’d reach in there and grab a vitamin. More often than not, I ignored that bottle. Out of sight, out of mind. I started taking multivitamins more often once I reached my early 30s,…

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Aortic Aneurysm: Gender Differences
Prevention 4/10/2012

When it comes to conditions that affect the aorta — our body’s largest blood vessel — men and women are very different. [caption id="attachment_3488" align="alignright" width="272"] UVA vascular surgeons Gilbert R. Upchurch Jr., MD, and Margaret “Megan” Tracci, MD, are researching and treating aortic aneurysms.[/caption] Being aware of these gender…

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Heart Tips You Can Use Now!
Prevention 3/20/2012

You asked for it! [caption id="attachment_3691" align="alignright" width="205"] Download this PDF to get 30 easy-to-follow heart tips![/caption] In February, we gave you a heart tip every day on the blog. Some of you asked it if would be possible to put all those tips into one easy-to-find location, so we…

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Heart Month Tip 29: The Replacements
Nutrition, Prevention 2/29/2012

Try out these alternatives when you’re cooking dinner: [caption id="attachment_3086" align="alignright" width="263"] Celebrating Heart Month[/caption] When baking brownies or a cake, use applesauce instead of oil. If the recipe calls for ¼ cup of oil, just use ¼ cup of no sugar-added applesauce. Try switching from coffee to green tea.…

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Heart Month Tip 26: Try a New Sport
Prevention 2/26/2012

Don’t assume you’re too old or too out of shape to play a sport. Many communities have robust adult soccer leagues, martial arts, dance and winter sports such as ice skating and hockey. If you’re in Charlottesville, check out: Soccer Association of Charlottesville Albemarle’s adult leagues

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Heart Month Tip 24: Rope Your Coworkers In
Nutrition, Prevention 2/24/2012

We happen to work in an office of people who like to cook – and share the tasty results. [caption id="attachment_3086" align="alignright" width="263"] Celebrating Heart Month[/caption] Talk about working in a danger zone for dieting or eating healthy. Stop the madness! Make it a point today to talk to your…

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Heart Month Tip 22: Take Your Dog for a Walk
Exercise, Prevention 2/22/2012

A brisk walk with your furry friend is good for both of you, and it can help lift your spirits. [caption id="attachment_3086" align="alignright" width="263"] Celebrating Heart Month[/caption] Make it a part of your daily routine. If you don’t have a dog, consider walking your neighbor’s dog. Volunteering to walk dogs…

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