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Senior male tennis player drinking water while relaxing on court
Exercise and Overhydration: How Much Water Is Too Much?
News & Events 7/9/2015

For years, I’ve followed the you-can’t-drink-too-much-water adage, especially when exercising. I’m the person accidentally kicking my water bottle during pilates and heading straight for the water station after 5Ks. But new sports medicine guidelines indicate that actually, you can overhydrate while exercising, and the subsequent low salt levels in your…

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Maternity Monday: Working Out While Pregnant
Kids, Maternity Monday 4/27/2015

Spoiler alert: Your body is going to change when you get pregnant. It’s healthy and normal to gain weight throughout your pregnancy, but at the same time you can gain too much weight. Keeping yourself in shape may not be in the forefront of your mind, but doctors say that…

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No Time for Exercise? Try These Quick Home & Office Workouts
Exercise, Prevention 1/8/2014

January is often a time for healthy resolutions; Eating right, exercising, sleeping more and breaking bad habits. Yet, even with the best intentions, accomplishing all the lofty goals we set can be daunting. Shannon Slovensky, M.Ed., an exercise physiologist with the UVA Exercise Physiology Core Laboratory, explains that adopting a…

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Monthly Roundup: November 2013 [VIDEOS]
News & Events 12/3/2013

In November, we went in-depth with personal stories, health facts and even tried something a little new. Must-See Video Normally, he's talking politics; Here, Larry Sabato gets personal, talking about how pancreatic cancer has touched his life. Watch Sabato's story. One nurse's story: Find out what happens when a little…

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‘Stealth Health’ at the Men’s Four Miler
News & Events 6/5/2012

Tim Gable was out of shape. The active and healthy lifestyle of his youth had given way to a desk job and much more sedentary existence, in general. He moved less. He gained weight. Running even short distances took serious effort. Unlike so many of his peers, however, Gable decided…

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