Is This Normal?: The Causes of Heart Flutter & Palpitations

Has your heart ever skipped a beat? Find out what causes normal heart flutters and when you could have afib and should see a doctor.
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7 Quick Questions: Meet Charlottesville Kidney Doctor Karen Warburton

Meet Karen Warburton, MD, FASN, who specializes in kidney and pancreas transplantation, including living donor kidney transplant.
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High Eye Pressure & Glaucoma: Why an Early Diagnosis is Key

The term glaucoma refers to multiple diseases where the eye's optic nerve can become damaged. The most common kind happens as a result of high eye pressure.
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10 Healthy Breakfasts to Start Your Morning

Having a healthy breakfast in the morning helps you mentally and physically. Here's some ideas to help you and your family start the day off right.
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Healthcare Disparities: Rural Appalachia’s Higher Cancer Death Rates

Rural Appalachia used to have the lowest cancer death rate in the country. But since the late 1960s, cancer incidence has decreased throughout the rest of the U.S. and increased in Appalachia.
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February: 28 Days of Healthy Recipes

We all make those New Year’s resolutions: Eat healthy, work out more, get more sleep, make time for ourselves and spend more time doing what we love.

Not sure where to start? Well, eating healthy can be the first step to accomplishing some of your 2017 goals. Eating right can…

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