Lisa Black: Surviving & Thriving After Serious Trauma

Lisa Black was on her way home from work on a typical October evening when she was struck by a drunk driver. She was rushed to UVA Medical Center where she underwent several surgeries in the immediate hours following the crash. Lisa suffered fractures in her neck, back, ribs, hands, legs…

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Healthy Pregnancy FAQs

In this week's podcast, OB-GYN Vanessa Gregg, MD, addresses some common pregnancy topics, such as exercise, diet, prenatal vitamins and alcohol consumption.
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7 Quick Questions: Meet Matthew Barrett

Dr. Matthew Barrett is a neurologist at University of Virginia Medical Center. Learn about why he got into medicine and what he loves most about Charlottesville.
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Just a Sore Throat? Head and Neck Cancer Symptoms

Almost everyone experiences a sore throat, cough or hoarseness once in awhile. But with head and neck cancer, these symptoms linger and don't respond to treatments.
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Is This Normal: Sleep Walking, Exploding Head and Other Sleep Disorders

Almost all of us have experienced some type of sleep issue. Learn more about the sleep disorders that you should consider normal and when to be concerned.
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Postpartum: What Nobody Tells You

Mood swings, body changes and sleepless nights are as much a part of the postpartum experience as they are pregnancy. From baby blues to body image issues, Carrie Sopata, MD, talks about the changes your body and mind go through in the months after having a baby. More »