Measles Outbreaks 2019: This is Why We Get Vaccinated

There was a record number of measles outbreaks in the US in 2018, with ongoing outbreaks into 2019. Should you be concerned?
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Male Menopause: Myth or Fact? How Guys Get Hormonal, Too

Our society views women as hormonal creatures, but hormones affect men just as much. Find out the symptoms and health issues low testosterone can cause and what you can do about it.
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A Life-Changing Cancer Diagnosis: Nancy Whitley’s Story

When Nancy Whitley received her cancer diagnosis, she was initially only given five years to live. She is now in year eight. Watch her story.
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Infographic: Top Toy Safety Tips

Before you head to the store to stock up on toys for all the kids on your list, check out these 6 tips. During the happiest time of the year, as well as all year long, it's important to make sure the gifts you buy will keep kids entertained without putting them in potential danger. More »