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Sexual Assault in Charlottesville: What You Need to Know
General Health 4/16/2018

If you experience sexual assault in Charlottesville or in the surrounding area, our emergency department provides medical care and evidence collection by a forensic nurse examiner. Find out about how we collect evidence and why it's so important to seek medical care immediately after sexual assault.

Kathleen McManus, MD
Research Roundup, Oct. 2015: Heart Disease Risk for Teens video post
News & Events, Videos 10/30/2015

This month, researchers announced a new diagnostic test that can help physicians predict teenagers’ future risk of developing heart disease. Researchers also looked at the effects of weight-loss surgery, the heart’s reliance on blood sugar, how the Affordable Care Act benefited low-income HIV patients in Virginia and the number of…

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Helping Patients Manage HIV Treatment With Smartphones
News & Events 2/26/2013

Newly diagnosed HIV patients in rural Virginia tend to miss appointments with UVA’s Ryan White Clinic. Why is that a problem? Because the missed time gives the virus a chance to worsen and increases the risk of spreading the virus. To combat this, UVA is starting a program that includes…

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How My Mother Died: A Daughter’s Story of HIV/AIDS

It took Teshema Anderson a long time to feel comfortable telling people how her mother died. A well-dressed, professional-looking woman with a beaming smile, happy family and successful career who speaks openly and with conviction, it’s hard to believe she ever felt scared of anything. But when it came to…

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