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Brain Games Gamble: Can You Train Your Brain With Puzzles? [VIDEO]

More and more, advertisements for brain games, brain puzzles and even brain training programs are popping up. Slogans seem to promise the ultimate mind makeover, with claims like, “improve your memory in minutes a day,” “train your brain with simple games” and “exercise your mind and increase brainpower.”

How realistic are these mind-altering, brain-boosting marketing messages? Is there really a brain trainer that can improve memory, increase IQ and prevent decline?

Brain Health: Myths vs. Facts

Brian Mizuki, a fellow with the Memory and Aging Care Clinic, which provides care for people with dementia and other memory disorders, recently gave a lecture on brain health.

After examining some of the most recent research in the field, he explained the myths and realities of increasing brain health, preventing cognitive decline and even delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

So, if you want to know the real benefits and risks of brain games, check out the video below.

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