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Treating Hip Injuries (Podcast Tuesday)

If it seems like you’re always injuring your hip or your groin, bad news: You might just be built that way.You can injure your hip through sudden movements in sports like soccer.

According to orthopedic surgeon Winston Gwathmey, there are two factors to hip injuries: You can inherit a hip joint that just doesn’t fit together that well and is more prone to injury. Or you can put your hips at risk through activities like soccer that require a lot of high-speed movements, pivoting and changing direction.

You can treat minor discomfort with:

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Anti-inflammatory medication

While even younger adults are getting hip replacements to treat more severe and chronic problems, Gwathmey tries to avoid those. Instead he recommends orthotics and physical therapy and, if those don’t work, minimally-invasive arthroscopic surgery.

In this week’s podcast, Gwathmey offers hip injury recovery tips and explains diagnosis and treatment.

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