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Birthmarks & Other Vascular Lesions: When to Worry

Vascular lesions are collections of blood vessels that cause a mark on the skin. Birthmarks such as hemangiomas (strawberry marks) or port-wine stains are types of vascular lesions.

Many birthmarks are harmless, and some go away with no treatment. But dermatologist Barrett Zlotoff, MD, recommends discussing them with your pediatrician during a well-baby visit. “I think that’s the best time to get on top of them and really see what we’re dealing with, so we can come up with a treatment plan.” Zlotoff says.

Lesions near the eyes or around the mouth can cause problems with vision, feeding or breathing.

“If the eyes are in any way blocked for even a few weeks in a developing child, you can have lifelong issues with vision and blindness,” Zlotoff says.

However, there are a lot of new treatments available for vascular lesions. Listen to Zlotoff explain them in this week’s podcast:

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