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Abnormal Heart Rhythm? When to Consider a Pacemaker

If your heart beats abnormally, you have an arrhythmia. Without treatment, you could be at risk for a stroke or sudden cardiac arrest. Both of these can be fatal.

A pacemaker allows you to continue enjoying your normal activities.
A pacemaker allows you continue enjoying your normal activities.

A pacemaker is a surgically implanted device that sends out an electric pulse, prompting your heart to beat. Pacemakers are used in people who have abnormally slow heart rates.

Pacemaker Myths and Facts

You may have heard that if you have a pacemaker, you can’t use a microwave, go through airport security or get an MRI.

This isn’t true anymore. These days, most people with pacemakers can live normal lives. Your doctor will give you tips for how to safely carry and use your cell phone.

In this week’s podcast, heart rhythm disorders specialist Mike Mangrum, MD, explains how your heart beats and how a pacemaker works. Listen to the podcast:

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