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UVA Research: The Artificial Pancreas App

Living with Type 1 diabetes can be all-consuming. This was the case for Lauren Sivewright. She became insulin dependent when she was diagnosed with the disease at the age of 3. Lauren is realistic in knowing that she will have to manage her blood sugar for the rest of her life, but has struggled with the idea of having Type 1 diabetes define her.

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Read about the artificial pancreas research at UVA.

Researchers at the University of Virginia have developed a device that may help patients like Lauren who live with Type 1 diabetes. The device, known as the artificial pancreas, helps to monitor and regulate blood sugar in patients. Essentially, the goal of the artificial pancreas is to eliminate the need to check blood sugar levels by pricking your finger. It is basically a control system housed on special smart phone called The Diabetes Assistant. It automatically tests blood sugar every five minutes and then predicts whether the user’s blood sugar is going to go high or low.

Watch the video to learn more about the artificial pancreas.

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