Breast Cancer Screening: The Latest Info & Research

Mammograms are effective for breast cancer screening
UVA’s mobile mammography services bring mammograms to women at work or in their communities.

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in American women, behind skin cancer. David Brenin, MD, who is co-director of both the UVA Breast Care Program and the High-Risk Breast and Ovarian Cancer Clinic, says not enough women are getting mammograms. And a recent survey of Virginia women found that just one in eight were aware that breast density is a risk factor for cancer.

In this week’s podcast, Brenin discusses breast cancer screening, including:

  • When women should get their first mammogram — and when they might consider reducing how often they get them
  • When to consider other kinds of imaging, such as tomosynthesis (3D mammography) or ultrasound
  • Family history and genetic testing for the BRCA1 and 2 mutations
  • Treatments, including lumpectomies and mastectomies

Listen to the podcast:

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