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2016 in Review: Megan’s Favorites

Between the divisive presidential election and frequent celebrity deaths, most of my friends are happy to see 2016 come to an end. I’m with them. But one great thing about this year is that, as editor of Healthy Balance, I got to read and write about interesting topics (school recess, parenting styles, allergy-free school lunches) and patients who have overcome incredible barriers.

Favorite Post to Write

Advance Directives: What You Need to Know

Nobody likes to think about death. But I learned a lot writing this advance directives story, and trying to organize this complex information so it made sense was a good challenge. Before I wrote the post, I didn’t know which relatives could make decisions for me or what a healthcare agent was.

Cindy Westley, UVA’s patient and family education coordinator, is a tireless advocate for advance directives and providing clear information. She patiently answered my many questions.

Favorite Post to Read

2016 in review: Nikki and Tory's kidney transplant story was my favoriteHow Social Media Helped a UVA Kidney Transplant Patient

I thought Nikki and Tory’s story sounded like something out of a novel. They went to high school together but weren’t close friends. Years later, Tory needed a kidney transplant, and a mutual friend posted about it on Facebook.

Nikki initially thought Tory just needed a blood donation. When she found out he actually needed a kidney, she decided to donate one of hers. They have since become good friends.

It was an amazing story, and Tory and Nikki grew up in the Virginia Beach/Chesapeake area, just like me. The video completed the nostalgia feel with old black-and-white school yearbook photos.

What was your favorite story? Leave a comment to share it with us!

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