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Why Do a Clinical Trial? Myths, Facts and Benefits

“A clinical trial? You’re just going to be a guinea pig.”

“I won’t get the medicine I need.”

“Anyone asked to participate is out of other options.”

Those are just three of the myths floating around about clinical trials. These scientific studies test the effectiveness of a new treatment, device or drug. Although many people feel hesitant to participate, new treatments wouldn’t become available without the trial process.

In today’s podcast, Dina Halme, PhD, associate director for research program administration at UVA Cancer Center, explains:

  • Why the above statements aren’t true
  • Why trials are essential to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for new treatments
  • Who pays for your participation
  • What informed consent is
  • What to know if you’re asked to be in a trial

Listen to the podcast:

Tags: cancer, research

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