High Eye Pressure & Glaucoma: Why an Early Diagnosis is Key

Worried About High Eye Pressure?

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The term glaucoma refers to multiple diseases where the eye’s optic nerve can become damaged. The most common kind, open-angle glaucoma, happens as a result of high eye pressure. Also known as ocular hypertension, this is when fluid drains too slowly out of the front part of the eye. This fluid builds up, and the pressure inside the eye rises.

Glaucoma can cause peripheral and central vision loss and even blindness. Anyone can get it, and there are no symptoms early on. That’s one reason why regular eye exams are important.

Watch Peter Netland, MD, explain eye pressure and glaucoma.

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  1. Blanca Perez says:

    I”ve had glaucoma for some years now. I”ve also had cataract surgery. I still have high pressure in both eyes. I”m presently using dorsalamide/timolol and lumigan eye drops. My insurance will not cover lumigan because it”s a tier 3 medication, and therefore is more expensive. Which eye drop is better for high pressure, Lumigan or Latanoprost?

    • uvahealth says:

      Sorry, but we can’t answer this kind of question without seeing you in our clinic. We recommend you ask your primary care doctor or ophthalmologist this question.

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