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7 Quick Questions: Meet UVA Anesthesiologist Bhiken Naik

Bhiken Naik
Bhiken Naik is an anesthesiologist at UVA Health System.

Anesthesiologist Bhiken Naik, MD, grew up in South Africa during apartheid. After moving to the United States, Naik became an anesthesiologist and now studies the role of surgery and the risk of opioid dependence.

1. Why did you become a doctor?

I enjoyed the intellectual stimulation this career offered.

2. Why did you choose your specialty?

Anesthesiology and critical care offer a wonderful crossroads of physiology, pharmacology and physics, which I found intriguing.

3. What is your favorite thing about Charlottesville?

I love the people, the sense of community and the incredible location at the foothills of the mountains.

4. Where did you grow up?

I grew up in South Africa in the city of Johannesburg.

5. What’s the most exciting thing/research happening in your field right now?

A major area of our research focuses on the role of surgery and the risk of chronic opioid dependence. With the opioid epidemic sweeping the nation, this is a highly topical area of research.

6. Who is your inspiration or hero?

Growing up during apartheid, my obvious hero was Nelson Mandela. I was fortunate to meet him and he remains an inspiration to date.

7. What’s your favorite thing about working at UVA?

The people!

Ever wonder what your doctor or health provider does outside the exam room? Our 7 Quick Questions series gives you a personal glimpse into the people of UVA.

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