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Who Should Get Tested for the Breast Cancer Gene & More Stories from Vim & Vigor Magazine

LaDawn on her family farm

LaDawn Knicely remembers being devastated when her grandmother died of breast cancer. Her grandmother was only in her 50s. LaDawn's grandmother wasn’t the first woman in her family to battle breast cancer, nor the last. Her great-grandmother also died of the disease at an early age. And then, last year, her aunt was diagnosed.

Positive for BRCA Gene

LaDawn needed to dig deeper into what this strong family history of breast cancer could mean for herself, her sister, and her daughter. She had always done her annual Pap test and mammogram. But until her aunt’s diagnosis, she didn’t know about breast cancer genetic testing.

“That’s when my sister and I decided to get tested for BRCA,” LaDawn says. “She was negative. I was positive.”

Read more about how our breast cancer experts helped LaDawn ensure a future free from breast cancer.


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