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7 Quick Questions with Lynchburg Nephrologist Hanna Zaraket, MD

UVA nephrologist Hanna Zaraket, wearing bow tie, jacket, and UVA badge

As a nephrologist, Hanna Zaraket, MD, sees patients with kidney conditions. These include chronic kidney disease (CKD) and kidney stones. He has special expertise in an electrolyte disorder called hyponatremia.

Zaraket is new to UVA and practices at UVA Nephrology Lynchburg, which opened in August. He enjoys caring for patients and helping people get at-home dialysis. This helps them live more independently and have time for work and family.

Meet a UVA Nephrologist

We asked Zaraket to answer our 7 quick questions.

1. Why did you become a doctor?  

At a young age, I lost my sister. I felt at that time that one right person at the right time doing the right thing can save a human life.

2. Why did you choose your specialty?  

I am very interested in physiology and physiopathology, since medical school. Nephrology is a field where science and numbers and calculations are put together with the art of medicine to provide good patient care. 

3. What's one thing about your specialty that might surprise people?

People can spend their day their way on home hemodialysis. They can also dialyze while on vacation with compact-sized dialysis machines.

4. What's the most exciting thing happening in your field right now?

The advancements in home hemodialysis and kidney transplantation. These will give the patient the freedom and time to be with their families.

Looking for a Lynchburg Nephrologist?

UVA Nephrology Lynchburg offers kidney disease diagnosis, management, and treatment for adults.

5. Where did you grow up?  


6. Who is your inspiration or hero?   

President Abraham Lincoln.

7. What's your favorite thing about working at UVA? 

The teamwork to provide the best care for our patients.

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Transcript: I am Hanna Zaraket. I'm one of the new nephrologists at UVA Lynchburg. In nephrology, we take care of patients that have chronic kidney disease. We take care of patients with hypertension, patients with electrolyte abnormalities and urine infections, and kidney stones.

They will expect from me to be a thorough doctor, a caring, and a compassionate doctor because caring for people is caring first about them. I think this is what people really appreciate mostly, having somebody that can listen to them and care for them and about them. The knowledge, and the medicine, and the art of medicine will come thereafter.

So the patient will be part of the UVA system, and the patient will receive quality care in Lynchburg, and we have the help of UVA if needed. I'm passionate about taking care of patients and helping dialysis patients to live an independent life, with the new modalities that we have with home hemodialysis. And so they can live a normal life and have work and enjoy their time with their families.

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