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Erica Gregory (Page 7)

Erica is a web producer who works with members of the marketing team, Health System and outside contractors to create interactive content, images and video for the web. After completing a degree in communication from SUNY Geneseo, she dabbled in the world of small business and logistics. At Indiana University for graduate school, she earned a master’s in journalism while interning in the web department for the Indiana Pacers. In her free time, Erica enjoys watching reality television, sipping on a cheap glass of wine and traveling with her husband and their dog, Juneau.

Posts by Erica Gregory

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Infographic: Maternity Monday- Twins, Triplets and Multiple Births

You're not alone if you're pregnant with more than one baby. More recently, the numbers of multiple births have increased. Sometimes twins, triplets and more will look exactly the same (identical) whereas sometimes they look no more than typical siblings (fraternal).   Infographic text: Multiple Matters- Twins, Triplets & More…

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Maternity Monday: Working Out While Pregnant
Kids, Maternity Monday 4/27/2015

Spoiler alert: Your body is going to change when you get pregnant. It’s healthy and normal to gain weight throughout your pregnancy, but at the same time you can gain too much weight. Keeping yourself in shape may not be in the forefront of your mind, but doctors say that…

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Infographic: All About Organ and Tissue Donation
General Health 4/16/2015

According to Donate Life America, 22 people die each day because they were unable to get the organ they needed. Even though 95 percent of Americans are in favor of donating, only 60 percent of Virginians have registered. Virginia organ donation can help save lives right in our own state.…

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Maternity Monday: Planning a Pregnancy

You’ve found the right job, you’ve got the right guy, you feel those maternal instincts kicking in. You want to get pregnant. It’s the natural next step, right? Although we realize that sometimes pregnancies just happen without any planning, learning the best practices to plan your pregnancy is helpful for any woman…

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