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Healthy Balance

Grace Bailey

Grace Bailey was an intern at UVA Health System and contributed to the Healthy Balance blog during the summer of 2015.

Posts by Grace Bailey

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New Radiation Guidelines for Prostate Cancer (Podcast Tuesday)
News & Events 7/14/2015

In the past, a prostate cancer patient would typically delay radiation therapy after having his prostate removed. While it was once thought that immediate radiation would cause side effects regarding urinary and sexual function, researchers are now finding that immediate treatment doesn’t contribute to an increased risk of complications. Timothy…

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Q&A: What’s The Deal with Soy? Take A Quiz!
Nutrition, Prevention 7/31/2014

Registered dietitian Carole Havrila, who works with cancer patients, and Brandy Patterson, MD, discuss the benefits of soy and debunk myths surrounding the controversial food. [caption id="attachment_8544" align="alignright" width="200"] Soy, like these edamame beans, can help decrease your heart disease risk and lower cholesterol.[/caption] Soy and Estrogen Q: Many people…

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