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Having a Baby at UVA: Delivery Options
Kids 7/21/2016

An important first step in preparing for having a baby is choosing someone to help deliver your baby. Learn more about all of the resources at UVA that are available to help you through pregnancy and delivery.

Vaccines 101: Is Your Preteen Protected?
Kids 3/17/2016

By their preteen and teen years, girls and boys grow out of a lot of things—baby dolls and toy trains are likely stored away. But one thing they don’t outgrow is vaccinations. Learn about the vaccines that are recommended for preteens and teens.

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Brugada Syndrome: A Dangerous Family Trait
Patient Stories 7/17/2014

This is the second story in a two-part series about genetic heart rhythm disorders. Yesterday, we told you about how genetic testing gave a family answers after a tragedy. Adrian Chance, 40, has always been the picture of health. He’s a former high school football star and works as a…

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