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6 Quick Questions: Dr. Adam Shimer
People of UVA 6/13/2013

Ever wonder what your doctor or health provider does outside the exam room? Our Quick Questions series gives you a personal glimpse into the people of UVA. Adam Shimer, MD, is an orthopedic surgeon. Hometown? Everett, PA (small town in western Pennsylvania about 2 hours east of Pittsburgh). Specialty? Spine…

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In a Heartbeat: Alden’s Cardiac Arrest Story
Patient Stories 4/18/2013

Last year, Alden Moreton and his dad, Paul, decided to train for and run the Dominion River Rock 5k in Richmond. [caption id="attachment_6241" align="alignright" width="274"] Alden Moreton, who collapsed from cardiac arrest during a race last year[/caption] Then 12 years old, Alden was on both the football and lacrosse team…

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Alzheimer’s, a Growing Issue video post
News & Events 3/13/2012

The sixth leading cause of death in the United States. A disease becoming increasingly more common as other major diseases diminish. 5.4 million Americans have been affected, but still the cause and cure remain a mystery. This is the reality of Alzheimer’s. “Alzheimer’s is coming out a lot more now…

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Inhalants 101: Hidden Dangers
Kids 9/27/2011

Huffing, bagging, sniffing … all terms commonly used to describe the act of inhaling dangerous household products. The Blue Ridge Poison Center states over 1,000 household products including typewriter correction fluid, cooking spray, nail polish remover, spray paint and glue can all be used in this manner. While most parents…

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