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Patient Stories (Page 11)

A cancer survivor. A heart attack victim. Pediatric patients. Be inspired by medical stories from ordinary people who’ve had extraordinary challenges. Hear about the health problems and transformations of our patients.

Michael needed a liver transplant. A living donor saved his life.
Living Liver Donation: A Father and Daughter’s Story
Patient Stories, Videos 7/30/2015

When Michael Cox was diagnosed with cryptogenic liver failure in the fall of 2010, his family was told he needed to be put on the waiting list — without a transplant, his life expectancy was less than five years. His daughter, Shana, was immediately tested to become a living liver…

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A Swift Save: A Patient’s Stroke Story
Patient Stories 5/8/2015

Our interventional neuroradiologists and endovascular neurosurgeons also offer expertise in blood-clot removal during a stroke. This minimally invasive procedure, or thrombectomy, gives us a game-changing strategy for ending stroke as soon as possible. Read Bill's story about surviving a stroke.

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Summer Vim & Vigor: Mental Illnesses & Your Overall Well-Being
Patient Stories 5/6/2015

The summer issue of our family health magazine, Vim & Vigor, focuses on the commonality of mental illness. [caption id="attachment_10109" align="alignright" width="300"] Frances and Charlie Berry were diagnosed with lung cancer just months apart.[/caption] Read about: Soccer star David Beckham opens up about dealing with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). A list…

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A Journey Without a Map: Facing Frontotemporal Dementia
Patient Stories 4/17/2015

Popular ideas about the symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s conjure up images of forgetfulness, a person lost in a familiar place or unable to recognize loved ones. [caption id="attachment_10009" align="alignright" width="225"] Chris initially responded to the FTD and ALS diagnosis by jumping into light weights and swimming.[/caption] This is not…

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Chiari Malformation: Getting Back on the Horse
Patient Stories 2/12/2015

In May 2014, Heather — a 20-year-old biological systems engineering student at Virginia Tech — broke her foot while walking in a field. A dedicated horse rider, Heather found the incident unsettling. “I’ve never been the most graceful person but to break it just walking? That was a little weird.”…

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Winter Vim & Vigor: Sanjay Gupta, Stopping Seizures
Patient Stories 11/21/2014

Are your stomachaches acid reflux or could they be symptoms of celiac disease or gluten sensitivity? This winter's issue of our family health magazine, Vim & Vigor, is all about food and nutrition. Sanjay Gupta shares five reasons why food is the best medicine. [caption id="attachment_9184" align="alignright" width="350"] Health System…

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