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Copperhead Bites: “It’s Been Pretty Busy”
Prevention 11/14/2014

I have never seen a copperhead near my house in Albemarle County, but it seems I’ve just been unlucky. (I like snakes.) In September, many of my friends were reporting sightings of this distinctive-looking venomous snake. [caption id="attachment_9085" align="alignright" width="350"] This copperhead was spotted on the Rivanna Trail in Charlottesville…

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Myth vs. Fact: Was That Spider Really a Brown Recluse?
General Health 11/13/2014

The story flooded my Facebook feed: A house in Missouri was infested with 5,000 brown recluse spiders. More than one of my friends said they’d just burn that house down if it was theirs. [caption id="attachment_9067" align="alignright" width="350"] The brown recluse (bottom) isn't established in Virginia but is often confused…

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Spiders: Fact vs. Fiction
Prevention 10/12/2011

There’s a lot of hype out there about spiders. This summer, I had a bunch of quarter-sized creepy crawly things with eight legs and white marks on their backs scurrying around my house. I just assumed they were black widows. I didn’t get much sleep. Then a few of my…

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Poisonous Snakes: Just Leave Them Alone
Prevention 7/13/2011

Poisonous snakes. Mention those words, and a lot of people freak out. When I told my co-workers I wanted to write about snakebites, one flinched and shrieked, “Ew, snakes!” Another refused to look at the copperhead photo in this post. But snakes aren’t as big a threat as we think…

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