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Childhood Cancer: Resources & Support

childhood cancer patient with doctor

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. But if you’re a kid with cancer, or a caregiver or loved one of that kid, you’re aware of cancer every day.

Maybe today is the start of chemo maintenance. That means fewer days in the hospital for infusions and feeling sick to your stomach.

Other kids might have finally entered remission, thanks to new therapies. They’re eager to get back to playing outside and going back to school with their friends.

Still, other children may have just found out they have leukemia or a brain tumor. Their family has started acting sad and strange. No one is smiling.

Even when it’s cured, the experience of going through chemo instead of 3rd grade or of watching your toddler lose her brand-new curls changes you for good. Having cancer as a kid means you’re always going to care about your health and your healthcare.

No matter how childhood cancer has affected you, the following resources and stories are for you. Whatever today looks like for you, you don’t have to go it alone.

Childhood Cancer Treatment & Support

At UVA Children’s, you’ll find experts in childhood cancer. Here, you’ll not only have access to the most advanced treatments. You’ll also find a team of providers wrapping you and your child with the kind of support and compassion you need to keep going.

Learn more about our pediatric cancer specialists and treatments.

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