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Way shows Josephine how to breathe to ease anxiety.
My Sleepless Tween: How Yoga Helped My Child’s Anxiety and Insomnia
Kids 8/3/2018

Helping a sleepless tween figure out to manage stress, anxiety, and insomnia isn't easy. So I took my kid to see Dr. Way, who gave her a yoga prescription. My daughter learned to meditate, stretch, and take care of her worried thoughts. And now we're both less stressed. This is a story every parent should read.

teen self-harm: is your child at risk?
Teen Self-Harm: Can I Prevent My Teen From Cutting?
Kids 11/16/2017

Teens turn to cutting and other forms of self-harm to ease stress. Teen self-harm requires parents to help their kids cope. Dyan Aretakis of the UVA Teen & Young Adult Health Center offers tips on how to get started.

kid body image
5 Ways to Help Kids Build a Healthy Body Image
Kids 6/16/2016

From airbrushed photos of fashion models to unnaturally muscular action figures, children and teens are constantly exposed to unrealistic images of what their bodies should look like. As a result, children as young as 5 and 6 could start to develop body image issues.

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