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Caring for Moms and Newborns

At UVA, we’re providing mother-baby-centered care to our moms and our littlest patients. With this approach, one nurse provides care for both the mother and baby (instead of the traditional approach where one nurse cares for mom and another nurse cares for baby).

Studies show there are benefits to this kind of care:

  • Improved bonding between the mother and baby
  • More successful breast feeding
  • Better sleep patterns for the moms and their newborns
  • Better education for new moms
  • Improved communication
  • Improved infection control

That is why Mary Passalacqua, RN, and Leah Koning, RN, worked hard to bring this kind of care to UVA. Before introducing this type of care to the hospital, Passalacqua and Koning conducted in-depth research on staffing and standards.

“It’s been a win-win for everybody,” says Sally Miller, ANP, who is a midwife and proponent of mother-baby-centered care.

The approach makes sure new moms get all the support they need to welcome their new babies into their lives.

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