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Heart Month Tip 16: Give Your Heart Some Zzzz

Your heart needs rest, too! Though often overlooked, sleep supports and promotes all your body’s functions. It’s even important for weight-loss. Yet making sure you get right amount and the right kind can be challenging.

Try one of these for a good night’s rest:

  • Restorative yoga: One or two relaxing poses before sleep can help your body detense
  • Meditation: Deep, slow breathing manually dials down your energy levels
  • Sleepy tea: Several varieties can help calm you down
  • Warm baths: Relax muscles and force you to slow your pace
  • Eye bags: Filled with lavender, they soothe tired eyes while blocking light
  • Quiet: Don’t watch TV or do work in your bed – reserve your space for sleep to encourage your mind to turn off when you hit the sheets

Still Can’t Sleep?

You may have a sleep disorder, like sleep apnea, which over time can have dangerous effects. You can get an assessment of your issues at UVA’s Sleep Laboratory.

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