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Heart-Smart Shopping Video Series: Grocery Basics

Ever wish you could take a nutritionist to the grocery store with you?

Now you can.

In celebration of Heart Month, Teller Stalfort, registered dietitian with the UVA Heart and Vascular Center, took us on a guided tour of a Charlottesville supermarket. We recorded her tips and insights on how to shop for heart-healthy foods in this video series, of which these two videos below are the first.

Six Tips for the Grocery Store

Before you go to the store, consider these six tips. They will help you fill your cart with the best foods for your heart and overall health.

  1. Shop from a list. Plan weekly meals and make a grocery list before heading to the store.
  2. Shop the perimeter. Start in the produce section; go to the aisles last.
  3. Don’t shop hungry. This will reduce impulse-shopping.
  4. Choose in-season foods. They have more vitamins.
  5. Read food labels. Our video below explains how to do so.
  6. Be brave. Try one new fruit, vegetable or whole grain product each month.

Choosing Food for Your Heart: Video

In the first video of our heart-smart shopping series, Stalfort gives an overview of foods that help lower cholesterol, are high in healthy fats and provide important nutrients.

How to Read a Cereal Label: Video

Comparing two cereal labels, Stalfort explains what to look for and the importance of serving size, calories, sodium, fiber and more.

Ready for the Rest of the Grocery Store Tour?

Look for our heart-smart shopping series on the blog throughout February. You’ll get all the details on how to pick healthy produce, dairy, meat, poultry, fish, grains, nuts and seeds.

Remember, UVA nutritionists can help any Heart Center patient. Ask your cardiologist at your next appointment.

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