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7 Quick Questions: Meet Dr. Binit Shah

Ever wonder what your doctor or health provider does outside the exam room? Our 7 Quick Questions series gives you a personal glimpse into the people of UVA.

You in one sentence:
I’m Binit B. Shah, MD, and I am a movement disorders neurologist, which means I specialize in diagnosis and management of tremors, dystonia, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease and other disorders of movement.

Cary, NC

Binit Shah, MDSpecialty?
Movement disorders neurology

Why medicine?
I enjoy building relationships with people and getting to know them. Understanding patients allows me to understand their problems better, and that face-to-face interaction is the main reason I went into medicine.

Best thing about UVA?
The rich history of being Thomas Jefferson’s university and the strong emphasis on teaching and research are really compelling things about UVA.

Typical things like reading, hiking and watching films. I plan to start working with Habitat for Humanity soon.

What would you do if you weren’t a doctor?
There’s nothing else I think I’d rather do than be a physician, but I majored in economics in college and really enjoyed the theoretical and practical aspects of the field. If I wasn’t a doctor, I think I would be an economist.

Dr. Shah in the News

Dr. Shah’s investigations into using focused ultrasound to treat essential tremor and Parkinson’s disease was recently featured on local public radio station WVTF. Listen to the interview.

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